We at The Book Club like to set a good standard of dress in our establishment which is why we enforce a smart/tidy casual dress code. No hats, colours, patches, work boots/steel caps, shorts, runners, track pants, or messy/dirty/damaged clothing.

We reserve the right to refuse entry for failure to comply with our dress code.


No phones while on the club side. Please respect that not all our staff like to have photos and videos of them shared over social media and that the use of your phone is not permitted. Even just to “check the time” or “texting your partner”

No touching the dancers unless in a private dance. While on the floor, touching is only allowed if the dancer has given permission. In a private dance, touching is allowed, except for the more “private” parts. Your dancer will let you know the boundaries, cross them and you will be asked to leave.

Respect the dancers and bar and security staff. We are all here to ensure the safety of all, and failure to comply with the rules or what staff have told you will result in you leaving our establishment.

 Keep off the stage. We don’t come to your place of work and start messing with your equipment, so respect ours like we would yours and keep off the stage and poles.

 Toilets can be located in the front bar by the main stairs.

 Smoking and vaping is prohibited indoors and can only be done on our balcony, which is located at the front of our establishment.

 If you’re deemed to be too intoxicated then we are happy to serve you water, food and or organise you a taxi/ride to find your way home.

The Book Club is not fight club. If you are having beef with any other patrons and cannot resolve it like an adult, then you will be shown the door. Escalating the situation, abusing our staff and or failing to comply will buy you a one-way ticket out the door and possibly another in to police custody.